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Cotswolds wedding photographer – Bibury – Katie & Ollie

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Cotswolds Wedding Photographer – Bibury: Last weekend of April I had an enormous pleasure to photograph the wedding of a truly amazing couple. Ollie and Katie invited me to photograph their wedding back in December after my brief appearance on BBC2 Jeremy Vine’s show. It was an awesome wedding and I am struggling for words trying to describe the day as it flew by. To start off this was a marquee wedding in a charming and picturesque village called Bibury in Cotswold.  I think this is enough of a description already but I will try and elaborate anyway. I started early in the morning taking photographs of those tiny important details.  The marquee was already beautifully decorated and when I arrived Katie and Ollie’s friends and family were applying finishing touches to already stunning décor. Straw bays, red bunting, colourful flowers and tree branches inside the marquee entangled with little lights – everything looked absolutely perfect – the wedding photographer’s heaven!

Having photographed the wedding marquee in its full glory I drove off to document Katie’s getting ready.  I must say, Katie has got the warmest personality I have come across for a long time. She is all smiles and has this lovely, happy and cheerful disposition rarely seen in a modern, fast moving world.

It was really fantastic to be there and document their wedding.  I had a cracking time capturing that particular part of the day including listening to a story of how her wedding dress was accidently left on a bus. Oh, better keep it a secret:¬) Well, you really need to be cool-headed to cope with a situation like that and not to panic –  I would.

The wedding ceremony took place at St Mary’s Church in Bibury where Rev Errol Williams was in full charge.  Ordered to stand far back and remain stationary I dutifully obeyed and watched the ceremony unfold (mind you, I might have taken a few steps to the right or left). God bless my long telephoto lens :¬)  I need to mention Philip Barlow here who must be the greatest piper in the world! You have done a great job mate! Really impressed.

Once the knot was formally tied Katie and Ollie drove off in their absolutely awesome Tuk Tuk to a field where the reception took place. The rest is a history. Totally epic wedding. I do welcome you to go through the photographs from Ollie and Katie’s wedding posted below. I spent nearly 14 hours with you guys and I did thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

"WOWzers! We love your pics so much, cannot thank you enough for capturing so much of the day, they are magical!! "

London wedding photographer

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