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Freelensing Photography

Modern Approach to Wedding and Engagement Photography

Freelensing photography is something that we will surely implement during this wedding season. I just love the mood of photographs taken using this technique so much and I am sure our couples will love it too. The next few lines might be a bit boring and technical so if you have just come here to see our freelensing photography please feel free to skip the next paragraph part and scroll straight down to the pictures.

So far we have only been using our Canon 45mm f2.8 TSE and whilst we love the super cool creative abilities of this lens the freelensing with Nikkor 50mm f1.8  opens the completely new world of possibilities. Firstly, being an f1.8 lens it is so much faster than a Canon f2.8 TSE. Secondly, the bokeh is just out of this world. The totally ‘unnatural’ depth of filed or rather unnatural to what our human eyes are used to seeing is just awesome. This without any doubt is the latest in contemporary wedding photography.

Freelensing photography might not be the easiest and simplest way of photographing fast paced weddings but I believe the reward is so much worth it even if it means you have to stop for a little longer than usual to nail that focus.

Below, you will find images taken using the freelensing technique. Our slightly modified lens does not get mounted on the camera body but instead I just hold in my hand and move it around millimetres away from it. If you have become intrigued about freelensing in wedding photography and would like to find out more please go and check out our article on how we adapted the lens so that we can get the most out of it.

It would be great to hear from you if you are getting married or engaged and would like have photographs like the ones attached below.