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Photoshop Retouching Training

This is an excellent opportunity to learn high quality Photoshop retouching techniques.  This retouching training has been designed and written for those  who have found different cheap plugin and quick fix solutions insufficient and below satisfactory. There are lots of tools available on the market nowadays designed to speed up our workflow. However, very few of them if any can do real wonders when it comes to a good quality portrait retouching. This course can be especially beneficial for portrait, high fashion and newborn photographers.

photoshop-retouching-training in londonphotoshop-retouching-training


Areas covered:

  1. Enhancing portraits using dodge and burn techniques
  2. Controlling  hue and saturation using Curves
  3. Enhancing  details using High Pass  Filters
  4. Sharpening for print and web
  5. Masking using calculations
  6. The power  of solar curves and when to use them
  7. Split frequency healing – to use or not to use and when to use?
  8. Plugins worth spending money on
  9. Blending modes heaven
  10. Keep It Simple – using actions and droplets to speed up your workflow

Is any experience required?

Not as such.In order to do this Photoshop retouching training you will be able to work comfortable with a tablet and have a basic understanding of  Photoshop tools and actions i.e. stamp tool, heal tool, merging, masking, etc. You will be asked to email one before and after image to evaluate your problem areas.

How do I know if I will learn things I did not know before?

This is easy.  Please feel free to send me a high res 16bit jpeg or tiff image. I will email you a fully retouched image and if you like what you see and would like to learn how I did it then you can sign up for this course.

Do you provide hand-outs and notes from the day?

Yes. You will go home with more than just notes.  You will get all of my actions. Every single one of them.  I will also provide you with 30 day feedback and support via Skype and/or email.